UBT Seminars Subscription

Secure your seats and help your cashflow! 



Would you like to ensure you don’t miss out on this year’s UBT seminars? What about smoothing the cost of seminars throughout the year rather than paying for them in one shot as they come up? This new subscription does both of these things!


Subscription prices are:


Single Subscription       - $375.00 + GST

Husband & Wife special - $575.00 + GST


Please Note: you can choose who to send to any seminar under this subscription!  For example; if you have a seminar subscription for 3 people, you can send 3 sales personnel to a sales seminar, and 3 finance/management personnel to a finance seminar.

Or if for some reason none of your team can attend a seminar you could even send someone from another business. (Want to help a business that is struggling?! Why not buy a seminar subscription for them?!)

SECURE your seats today!