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UBT’s exciting new TrainingPlus Package offers you staff training, that’s flexible, convenient and very cost-effective.

Sign up for this one year package on a monthly payment plan and send as many of you staff to as many of the training courses that suits your business’s needs.

With a simple monthly subscription you have access to:

  • 15 face-to-face training courses. You can send as many staff as you want to any of these courses. 
  • 12 Online courses and 10 training videos. These are great for a busy workplace where you can’t spare any extra time off.
  • A UBT training consultant. He will visit your business, meet your staff and work out the best training plan for you.

All TrainingPlus subscribers receive a 10% discount off any other course not part of the TrainingPlus plan!


2014 UBT Corporate Calendar

Quality custom designed UBT 2014 Calendar! The simple corporate design of this calendar makes it perfect for any boardroom or office.


  • 6 page A2 calendar with 4 months per page
  • Inspirational SilverTip on each page
  • Stunning Photography

$25 +GST

NEW! Free Audio Clip from Online Coaching

This week we bring you the first of many motivational Audio Clips from Online Coaching.

In this week's clip Cameron Hales speaks on Performance Review.  This clip is taken from the Performance Management Online Coaching webinar in June 2012, and is 1:04 minutes duration.

Click Here to download and listen to this free Audio Clip.

OneFuel Update

Are you a Caltex Card holder purchasing diesel?
If so are you using Caltex Truck Stops wherever possible?

This type of facility offers a substantial discount on the price of diesel compared to a Service Station outlet.


Whilst the Caltex Truck Stop price is location related and will typically vary by up to 3 cents depending on the location it still represents considerable savings.

As at Tuesday 7th January Caltex Truck Stop Diesel prices were between 12 and 15 cents per litre cheaper than many other locations – again this may fluctuate depending on competition in a particular area.

Truck Stops also have the added advantage of Fast Flow filling facilities and do not offer the distraction of shop facilities.

Need further help and advice please contact the OneFuel team on 0800 66 33 62 or email[email protected]

Silver Tip

IT&T Telco       


UBT have negotiated with Vodafone to get a rebate off any of Vodafone’s current Fixed Line packages as found

All residential and business customers will be contacted directly by Vodafone over the coming months to discuss the best needs for you. If you want to change before then, please call 0800 ONETEL (663835) and select Option 2 and ask to be changed over and linked to the UBT/Onefocus rebate scheme, with your choice of plan ready.

BCF Kiwisaver


IT&T Business Automation

Streamline 3 Iota Desktop

This NEW entry level Desktop Machine with Streamline 3 Internet protection system is compact and at an affordable price while still delivering a great mid-range Windows Desktop Experience!

  • I3 3240 Ivy Bridge Processor 3.4GHz 
  • GA-H61M-S2PV Motherboard 
  • 500GB Hard Drive 
  • 4GB RAM 
  • Inwin BL641 Small Desktop Case 
  • Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit Operating System 
  • Built in CD/DVD Player 
  • 2 year Parts Warranty 
  • Dimensions: Depth 366mm, Height 330mm, Width 96.5mm

Windows 8.1 is available for download now

Please ensure you run Streamline Hotfix prior to installing windows 8.1 - failure to install this first may result in you machine been damaged and may require to be returned to the workshop.

Please be aware that Windows 8.1 is a very large file (3GB+) and will take sometime to download and you will need to be aware of your data usage.

If you have any issues please submit a helpdesk ticket.

Business Advisory Tools



Financial Management Meeting Agenda Template

  • Achieve more in your Financial/Management Meetings by using an
  • Agenda and following up ‘Action Items’ a powerful tool indeed
  • This template is already set out as per recognised minute taking protocol 
  • It provides a suggested path-way to follow in listing various ‘Agenda Items’ that could well be discussed when you hold a
  • Financial/Management Meeting, which should be done on a regular basis
  • Regular meetings with your team create enthusiasm, constructive criticism with a view to improvement, accountability, team focus in relation to the company’s VIGS, a platform to discuss road-blocks, further training required etc.
  • Your team is your investment, your future!

Gold, Silver and Finance Coach Subscribers can download this tool from the Finance Coach website. CLICK HERE

UBT Training & Resource

2014 Strategy!

What is your Company strategy for 2014? Do you know where you’re going to? Complete your Strategy on a Page (SOAP) today to give you a head start for 2014!

UBT Business subscribers can use this link to download the Strategy on a Page (SOAP) template from the Online Coaching portal. CLICK HERE

If your business is not currently subscribed, CLICK HERE to become a subscriber today!

2 Weekly Training Calendar
Silver Bullet

Writing down a goal or vision makes it much more likely to happen.

So write down five fresh resolutions for 2014 that are specific, measurable and achievable.

Track how you are attaining your resolutions during the year.

Download your print copy

Download your Silver Bullet Screen Saver - Use this as a screen saver. We suggest you leave the ratio intact and don't stretch to fill screen.



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