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DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE BETTER BUSINESS PERFORMANCE BY EMPOWERING YOUR WORKFORCE TO CONTRIBUTE AT LEVELS YOU DIDN'T THINK POSSIBLE? will host a further webinar for all New Zealand businesses on, Wednesday, January 22, 2014 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM NZDT to demonstrate software that is game changing in the management of your goals.

Most people are not engaged, inspired, or highly productive at work. Most employees don’t know the goals of the company they work for, nor do they know how to meaningfully contribute towards achieving those goals.

That’s why we invite you to be part of this high value webinar!

UBT IT&T – Company Dashboards

Live Scores Delivered to You!

Now available to suit Infusion software!

Vital Statistics is a live scoreboard system designed to work with MYOB, Exo Business and Infusion accounting software. It delivers real-time score of selected data and tracks against targets or budgets to serve as a motivational tool for management and staff and provides information they need to drive the business forward.

Find out more about how this programme can benefit your business systems or visit to sign up.  

Silver Tip
BCF Kiwisaver


Why KiwiSaver?

It’s all about saving for the future – and it will come!
By putting a small amount into your BCF KiwiSaver Scheme account on a regular basis you will be able to watch your investment grow. And the incentives to save through KiwiSaver are compelling.

Visit to download an information pack!

This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip

In this week's motivational Audio Clip Stephen Joyce speaks on Performance Management Procedure.

This clip is taken from the Performance Management Online Coaching webinar in June 2012, and is 1:11 minutes duration.


IT&T Business Automation       

NEW Streamline 3 HP Probook 650 4G

All round, medium duty business notebook machine with 4G Mobile Data

Purchase options for this machine:

  • Base Machine - $2000.00 + GST
  • With Microsoft Office Professional 2013 - $2400.00 + GST

Follow Up Management Package

Keep Track of Every Single Task!

This action pack from UBT is very simple but extremely effective.

It’s designed to give you all the tools you need to appoint the right person in your business to the position, set up the system to make it all work, and get everyone on board with the concept.

Only $119.00 + GST

Smarter Business Online

How hard is your website working for you, really?

Learn how to get better results online.

Of course you have a web presence, but in these challenging times, simply having a pretty website is not enough. “Smarter Business Online” is a new course from UBT that will transform the way you use your online presence and set your site well above your competitors.

Seven experts will help you make sure your online efforts aren’t lost in
cyberspace — book into this course today.

Business Advisory Tools

Basic Business Plan Template

Do you have a business plan? Use this template to construct a business plan for your business

Gold, Silver and Finance Coach Subscribers can download this tool from the Finance Coach website. CLICK HERE

UBT Training & Resource

Free resources for your team!

Would you like all your team to help you save costs, maintain profit margins, exceed breakeven consistently and care about your cash flow?

This can be achieved if they study the UBT 3 Month Accounting Course (3MAC) and then the NEW UBT 4 Month Business Economics Course (4MBE) during 2014!

Upgrade your subscription to Silver or Gold today to have these included in your FREE training resources!


If your business is not currently subscribed, CLICK HERE to become a subscriber today!

2 Weekly Training Calendar
Silver Bullet

Have an open mind and be ready to be inspired by new ideas.

Just one new idea could change your life and your business.

An idea might come from anyone; the important thing is to assess the idea practically so you know how to apply it.

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