UBT Silver Bulletin 17 March 2014
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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Edition 191

Your future will largely be what you make it.

Take ownership of your education and training in view of your future. Step up and take control.

Believe in yourself. Focus on your potential, not on your limitations.

Set your sights high, and mobilise towards your goals.

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UBT Video Update

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This week's update covers:

Silver Bulletin 2014 Week 17

Silver Tip


Silver Tip

This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip
Online Coaching Audio

“4 Questions for the Market”

In this week’s motivational Audio Clip Graeme Thomas speaks on the ‘Focus’ Online Coaching webinar in May 2013, and is 1:07 minutes duration.

Click here for your free download Click Here to download and listen to this free Audio Clip.
Click here for full Webinar Business Advisory Subscribers only: 
Click Here to re-listen to the full Webinar online – find the Audio Clip at 16:03 on the webinar recording.
OLC Process 4 – Sales Presentation Reminder!
OLC Process 4

Learn key tools and techniques that will bring immediate
results for your sales team

Who should attend this session?

Business Owners, Sales Managers and their teams

Do you have people who get nervous and anxious before a major sales
presentation?Or are you confident about your product or service, but simply fail toconvince the customer? Either way, your results are at risk.

If you experience difficulties joining the webinar on April 23rd please
email [email protected] and you will be sent a link that will
enable you to join.


Free Meat Winners

Winners of last week’s Free Meat Giveaway

Matt Hoyle 
Mark Simpkin 
Sam Richard
Kerry Sands
Lloyd Stewart
Basil Campion
James Fisher
Stephen Foster 
Peter Thomas
Mark Currie
Rick Silby
Jenny Beatson
Luke Suckling

Rupert Bryant
Jim Bassett 
Robbie Gibbs
Garth Campion
Guy Frizzell
Lionel Cox
Patrick Murray
Mark Beatson
Wendy Johnson
Wes Judd
Seth Turley
Dean Faulkner

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