UBT Silver Bulletin 17 March 2014
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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Edition 189

Set high expectations for yourself.

Live up to the potential you have inside you. Then you will be a role model for others.

Keep going! Pick yourself up! And lift up persons that need help.

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UBT Video Update

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Silver Bulletin 2014 Week 13
Silver Tip


Silver Tip

Advanced Driver Training

Advanced drivers require special skills. They must be able to make the right decision without hesitating; in an emergency, there must be no compromises. Their profession means that, in this day and age, they are exposed to the hazards and stress of driving on our roads for longer and more often.

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This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip

Online Coaching Audio

“Without sales you don’t have a business.”

In this week’s motivational Audio Clip Richard Blackledge and Ian Allpress speak on Cranking Sales.

This clip is taken from the ‘Product Positioning’ Online Coaching webinar in October 2012, and is 1:03 minutes duration

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