UBT Silver Bulletin 17 March 2014
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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Edition 191

Ask yourself, "What should my contribution be? What results must I achieve?"

Results should be hard to achieve; they should require "stretching", but they should be within reach. To aim at results that cannot be achieved, or only achieved under unlikely circumstances, is not being "ambitious". It is being foolish.

Define the results in your position that will make a difference to your organisation.

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UBT Video Update

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This week's update covers:

Silver Bulletin 2014 Week 18

Silver Tip


Silver Tip

This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip
Online Coaching Audio

“The 3 Minute Customer Survey”

In this week’s motivational Audio Roger shore & Jim Reid talk about the ‘3 Minute Customer Survey’ taken from the  ‘Product Positioning’ Online Coaching webinar in September 2012, and is 1:26 minutes duration.

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Global Database with Photos

OLC Process 4

Once again we are now taking pre-orders for the Global Database with photos (formerly known as Photobooks).

This set consists of 31 hard cover volumes with Pantone colour covers reflecting the previous editions and matching the covers of the Global Address Books. An index will also be included in the set.

Important Note: to get your set you will need to order these by May 1st 2014 – This is for global production so late orders will not be accepted.

*This product is only available on the Household side using your personal Login. Click here if you have forgotten your details and we will send you a reset within 1 working day!!

Business owners can take advantage of the bulk order deal! Click Hereto submit your order.

UBT Training

Presentation Skills

There are three trademarks of a successful presentation: a clear message; an air of credibility; and a confident delivery.

This course breaks these characteristics down further into workable segments along with providing professional guidance and the tools/information necessary to master each aspect. The acquisition of these skills will result in a clear, persuasive and convincing delivery – every time!



Strategic Financial Planning Course

This course focuses on the short to medium-term future. In particular, it looks at whether a business will have the financial resources needed to grow profit while maintaining sufficient liquidity and solvency.

The course is built around the SFP tool. It’s very hands on, involving active role play and group activity.