UBT Silver Bulletin 28 July 2014
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Silver Bullet

The power of teamwork comes from the members sharing their unique strengths and differences to move the team forward.

Cooperation is needed and this means working together for mutual gain, each taking responsibility for success and failure.

It does not mean competing with one another at the team’s expense. The team’s interests and needs must come first.

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UBT Video Update

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This week's update covers:

Silver Tip


Silver Tip

UBT Energy

…Remember to hand a copy of a recent energy bill and signed switch form to your SDS.

Thank you to all businesses and households that have registered their interest and sent a copy of their bill to UBT Energy. Please note – you will still have to give the signed switch form to your SDS.

Is your business interested in signing up as well?
Sure! We are launching Energy to businesses in a few weeks, however if you are wanting to jump the line, hand a copy of your business energy bill and signed switch form to your SDS at the same time.


Health & Safety, Quality & Environmental Consulting

Health & Safety, Quality & Environmental Consulting

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Developing and maintaining your Health & Safety / Quality / Environmental systems has never been easier!

No system currently? 
That's fine. If you do not currently have a safety, quality or environmental system in place - that's fine. We will build you a system absolutely free of charge.

System already implemented?
If you already have your own Safety, Quality or Environmental system implemented, our programme can adapt to ensure that it can be maintained

UBT Training

Marketing The Driving Force

Book now for Marketing the Driving Force

Marketing - The Driving Force is back!


The original marketing course. This foundational course covers the following key subjects: What is marketing and how can it help your business, How to carry out an external analysis of the market place, How to carry out an internal assessment of your business, and lastly, How to build a successful marketing strategy.

Price $1100.00 + GST
Auckland | 7th October & 4th November
Christchurch | 5th August & 24th August

This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip
Online Coaching Audio

“The SIPOC Tool”

In this week’s motivational audio Mike Wallace talks about ‘The SIPOC Tool’ - taken from the ‘Eliminate Waste to Increase Net Profit’  webinar in September 2013  and is 1:09 minutes in duration.

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