UBT Silver Bulletin 17 March 2014
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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Edition 191

Teamwork requires confidence and loyalty. Members of a team must have confidence in one another.

Regular team meetings are essential so people can get together.

Everybody in the organization needs to feel they are part of the team and involved in the one common objective.

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UBT Video Update

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2014 Silver Bulletin Week 14
Silver Tip


Silver Tip

Notice to Clients

UBT New Zealand are having a staff meeting on the 3rd of April and therefore will be extremely short staffed during that day.

We will be checking for any urgent messages periodically during the day.

Thanking you in advance for your understanding in this!

[email protected] | 0800 UBT 123


IT & Accounts Email Address Contacts

Attn: IT & Accounts Personnel

We would appreciate your time to fill out the below form advising who the best IT & Accounts contact in your organisation is. The purpose of this  is to gather the details for the appropriate contacts in your business so they can be contacted direct regarding important and urgent IT & Accounts updates from UBT.

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All database information is kept strictly confidential within UBT.


IT&T Business Automation.

Upgrade to the HP Elite and Pro 600 series of business desktops and notebooks between 14 March and 30 April and receive a free monitor or docking station!

This is valid for our Probook 650, Elitebook 840 and Folio 1040

Information on website – offer is by redemption.

This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip

Online Coaching Audio

“Offer your best first.”

In this week’s motivational Audio Clip Stephen Hales speaks on offering your customers the best option first.

This clip is taken from the the ‘Your Money Making Machine’ Online Coaching webinar in August 2013, and is 1:15 minutes duration.

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