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This Week's UBT Video Update

View a 2 minute video update from UBT Head Office.

This week's update covers:


Week 10 Silver Bulletin Update
Silver Tip


This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip

In this week’s motivational Audio Clip Stephen Hales speaks on Sales Planning – how it’s like a boxer preparing for a fight.

This clip is taken from the Grand Finale Super Series Online Coaching webinar in December 2011, and is 1:33 minutes duration.

Click Here to download and listen to this free Audio Clip.
UBT Seminar Subscription

The Seminar subscription now available, is a great solution in the following situations:    

  1. Business owner wanting to guarantee seats at seminars this year   
  2. Persons wanting to spread cost over 12 months rather than as the seminars come up  
  3. Older person wanting to help a business owner or even an employee of another business – they can buy a subscription and send the person they want to go as the seminars come up

UBT IT&T – Company Dashboards  

Live Scores Delivered to You!

Now available to suit Infusion software!

Vital Statistics is a live scoreboard system designed to work with MYOB, Exo Business and Infusion accounting software. It delivers real-time score of selected data and tracks against targets or budgets to serve as a motivational tool for management and staff and provides information they need to drive the business forward.

Visit to sign up.

BCF Kiwisaver Scheme

BCF Kiwisaver Scheme
It's all about saving for the future... and it will come!

Business Advisory Tools

Telephone Order Record

You will find it useful to have this form when taking record of orders on the telephone. Ensure that each one of your staff have a copy to ensure consistent order taking.

Gold, Silver and Finance Coach Subscribers can download this tool from the Finance Coach website. CLICK HERE

IT&T Telco Update


Changes to Vodafone one-time Credit and Debit Card payments

From 03 March 2014, a 2% convenience fee will be added to all one-time credit and debit card payments made to Vodafone. The 2% convenience fee will appear on your credit or debit card statement.

  Until now, Vodafone has absorbed these costs which are now impacting our ability to offer all our customers exceptional value.  As a result, from 03 March, we will pass this charge on to our customers who choose to make one-off payments by credit or debit card. 

If you pay your Vodafone invoice with this method, please email [email protected] to set it up on Direct Debit to avoid these charges.

2 Weekly Training Calendar




Silver Bullet

Trust is critical to the success of high-impact teams and the experience of a trial will often transform a team by increasing the level of trust between its members.

Sports coaches know that a team that is on a winning roll and then loses a game, will ultimately overcome the disappointment and become a better team.

After a military unit has been under fire, it emerges galvanized together.

There is nothing like the experience of dealing with a difficult customer or aggressive competitor to forge stronger bonds within a business team.

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