UBT Silver Bulletin 17 March 2014
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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Edition 196

It is often said that improvement always comes from the top.
But does it?

Improvement is more effective if it comes from spreading the right mindset and best practices throughout the organization.

One way to do this is to find pockets of excellence in the organization -
in leaders, mentors or in teams - and then facilitate the process of spreading it.

The hallmark of excellence is that everyone has a feeling of mutual obligation to do everything possible themselves, and to pressure everybody else, to make sure right things happen.

This isn’t just fuelled from the top by coercion and reward.

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UBT Video Update

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This week's update covers:

Silver Bulletin 2014 Week 19

Silver Tip


Silver Tip

Global Database with Photos

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IT&T Telco

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NEW Blackberry Accessories

UBT have a range of new Blackberry accessories to suit your BB10 Smartphone – choose from the following range of products available:

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New UBT Logo

Just in case you missed the short presentation on our New UBT Logo, click below to watch the launch video.


This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip
Online Coaching Audio

“Enthusiastic Sales Meetings”

In this week’s motivational Audio Cameron Hales & Garth Rose talk about Enthusiastic Sales Meetings’ taken from the  ‘Jump Start Your Sales – Part 2’ Online Coaching webinar in February 2013, and is 1:14 minutes duration.

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