UBT Silver Bulletin 21 July 2014
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Silver Bullet

There is no substitute for taking personal ownership of a problem.

When we take responsibility we become instruments of change, not victims of change.

When we resist the temptation to make excuses or blame others, we become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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This week's update covers:

Silver Tip


Silver Tip

BCF Kiwisaver Scheme

BCF Kiwisaver

Click here to learn more about BCF Kiwisaver

Click here to watch video about BCF Kiwisaver

It's all about saving for the future… and it will come!

By putting a small amount into your BCF KiwiSaver Scheme account on a regular basis you will be able to watch your investment grow.

What investments are permitted for the BCF KiwiSaver Scheme?

Currently, the specific investments permitted for the BCF KiwiSaver Scheme are:

  • Deposits with New Zealand registered banks;
  • Deposits with non-bank deposit-takers; 
  • New Zealand Government debt securities, including Treasury bills;
  • Debt securities issued by New Zealand local authorities;
  • Investments in businesses owned by members of the Brethren Christian Fellowship; and
  • Mortgage-based loans to members of the Brethren Christian Fellowship.

All Scheme assets are initially being invested in bank deposits. Once Scheme assets have reached a sufficient size the investments may be diversified.

IT&T Business Automation
  New Range of Accessory’s for your BB10 Smartphone  
Online Coaching Session 7
  Online Coaching Session 7: Order Placed with Supplier

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UBT Training

Managing Remote Locations

Book now for Managing Remote Locations

Managing Remote Locations


This course is the fastest way to master the essential techniques and gain the know-how you need to realise your full potential as a manager and leader - no matter how far away your employees are. You’ll gain reality-based action steps on how to:

  • Keep everyone on the same page and avoid communication breakdowns
  • Make sure off-site employees are following company rules
  • Find opportunities to give feedback to employees you rarely see
  • Boost morale by helping employees at other locations feel like part of the gang
  • Minimise tension between off-site workers and Head office
  • Detect and deal with problems before they’re irreversible.

Price $780.00 + GST
Auckland | 28th July
Palmerston North | 29th July 
Invercargill | 31st July  

This week's FREE Online Coaching Audio Clip
Online Coaching Audio


In this week’s motivational audio Jeremy Joyce talks about ‘Micromanagement’ - taken from the ‘Business Advisory’ webinar in October  2012, and is 0:37 minutes in duration.

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