Smarter Business Online is a new course from UBT that will transform the way you use your online presence and set your site well above your competitors.


Course Objectives

You should be able to develop your website and online marketing so that you can:

  • - Be found more often by your ideal prospects
  • - Turn more visitors into new customers
  • - Improve the customer experience of your online offering
  • - Make website management and updating easier and more efficient
  • - Use analytics to improve online marketing results
  • - Improve results from advanced email marketing-
  • - Use LinkedIn effectively to find and connect with target prospects.

How will my business benefit from this programme?

Once implemented, this course will transform the way you use your website, your email marketing and the new channel to business, LinkedIn. Make sure you're on it! You'll learn the keys to online marketing success in a series of six integrated modules-dynamic video interviews with experts in seven areas:

  • - Content Management Systems
  • - Search Engine Optimisation
  • - Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • - Advanced Email Marketing
  • - E-commerce
  • - Web Analytics.
  • - Making LinkedIn Work.

Start doing Smarter Business Online Today

As you can see, these 7 modules, presented by worldrecognised experts, go into a great depth of detail in each of the key areas you need to understand if you truly want to make the most of your online presence. Once implemented, this course will transform the way you use your website, your email marketing and the new channel to business, LinkedIn. Don’t get left behind by your competitors! Don’t get lost in cyberspace! If you’re really ready to do Smarter Business Online, make sure you book into this course, today

Real-life case studies help turn theory into practice and real life interviews will give you a unique insight into how they have used these key online marketing strategies to achieve real results and how you can, too.

Support workbooks, access to extra reading materials, and special action learning sets are available as downloads within this program. Access to this training program is given via the Client Resources Tab, and is unlimited.