One of the simplest yet most effective strategy techniques is the Start-Stop-Keep management tool.


Before your company’s planning session, send these three seemingly simple questions to the executive team:


1. What should we START doing?

Starts are things we are not doing but should consider doing now. What opportunities are we missing?

They must be measurable.


2. What should we STOP doing?

Stops are things that are not working and need to be scrapped or fixed. These are items that hassle the

team. How could we save our energy for other opportunities?


3. What things should we KEEP doing?

Keeps are things that are working well and that we should continue doing. These are bright spots that may

be replicated across the company.


These are straight-forward, common-sense questions that when acted on will enhance owners’ and

executives’ performance, and bring rewards and success to your business.


Source: BTI Consultants