Sacrificing individual gain for the team’s greater good is the price of admission that members must pay,

and keep on paying, to be on the team.


A successful team adheres to shared values that establish its culture, conduct, rules and policies. The key is

having positive values that each individual embraces, lives by and shares with every member on the team.

In a competitive world of constant change, core values must remain constant and be the centre for each

team member to use as a reference point.


Team values such as accountability, integrity, respect and commitment build a sense of unity and a bond

among team members that can’t be broken, even in the most difficult times.


And the most important value of all is trust. Without total trust, a team can’t work together, let alone

operate at peak performance.


Each team member must know that he or she represents the team at all times.


Source: The Power of Teamwork (Inspired by the US Navy’s Blue Angels)