The Westpoint United States Military Academy was founded over 200 years ago.


Its purpose is to produce leaders of character who are ready to provide selfless service to the U.S. army

and the nation. Cadets are developed in four critical areas: intellectual, physical, military and moral-ethical.

The 47-month process is called the ‘West Point Experience’.


Cadets must adhere to the Cadet Honour Code:


‘A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do’.


The code and core values are drilled into the cadets from day one of basic training, laying the foundation

for all their behaviour at the academy and in their careers.


The consequences of flouting the rules are well-known. Still some do things that many eighteen to twenty-year

old kids do. A lapse in integrity often means the termination of their careers.


Honour is considered more important than success, and it must not be compromised under any



Source: Never fly solo, Lt Col. Rob Waldman