Where do you fit on the 'busyness' scale?







Most executives would find themselves in the 'Really Busy' category – a fact of life in the business world



However, a growing percentage of working professionals find they are 'Too Busy'.


When you're 'too busy' the ability to communicate breaks down, listening skills diminish and you tend to

lose focus and attention to detail. Problems are left unsolved or ignored altogether.


When the pressure builds up and the pace is fast and turbulent, it’s time to have a strategic stop.


Sit, Think, Organise, Perform


Sit: sit quietly where you won't be disturbed.

Think: think about what you really need to accomplish over against everything you are expected to do.

Organise: organise yourself to place tasks with results that really matter as top priority.

Perform: perform based on your priority system and check your results to be sure you are meeting

your goals.


A short daily S.T.O.P. is not a waste of time. It is time well spent.


High performing leaders who block out 15-30 minutes of each day to stop and reflect are rewarded with

greater job satisfaction, improved working relationships, reduced stress levels and significant

improvements in the quantity and quality of their performance.


Source: Achieving Results in your organization, Clinton. O. Longenecker