Salespersons have a sales approach that they use consciously or unconsciously every day.


They should ask themselves if they are keeping up with the changes that are occurring everywhere – with

their customers, their competitors, their markets, and their own organization.


Relying solely on product knowledge or technical expertise doesn't work in today's environment. Instead of

talking about products, the salespersons' role is to communicate a message in which they add value,

provide perspective, and show how they can satisfy customer needs.


Too many salespeople are still too quick to tell a product story. While many think solution they present

product because they talk more than they listen!


The old formula of just selling features and benefits is still around. But the self-focused approach may hurt

or spoil the rapport and the relationship with the customer. It may make a difference between winning and

losing business.


The customer-focused approach builds common ground and a shared understanding of the customer's needs.


This is the sales talk that sells!


Source: The Sales Success Handbook, Linda Richardson