The most important goal of all employees, not only salespersons, is to create and keep customers.


Customers pay the employees' wages!


The customer is the real boss. Management may allocate the money but the customer determines how

much money there is!


Focus on what customers want and need; help them to buy what's best for them and make them feel good

about it.


A former chairman of a large, successful company used to urge his salespeople to forget about 'selling' and

concentrate on 'rendering a service'. As he put it, Start each morning with the thought, 'I want to help as many

people as possible today' instead of 'I want to make as many sales as possible today'.


This 'better than selling' principle will be found to be the most powerful selling principle of all.

It will create an easy and open approach to customers that will generate more sales. It's hard to

resist someone who sincerely wants to help you!


What do customers really buy?


Customers buy for two reasons: 1) good feelings and 2) solutions to their problems. Make helping

customers the top priority in your job.


They’ll buy much more when they buy 'you'!


Source: How to win customers and keep them for life Michael Le Bouef