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UBT Marketing Strategy

Focus your marketing activities on evidence-based growth strategies, proven to generate qualified leads and ROI for your business.

Are you seeking:

  • Greater market share to increase the volume of new business leads?
  • Improved branding to increase market awareness and brand touch points?
  • Improved online engagement and media effectiveness?
  • A unique, well-defined value proposition that clearly articulates why customers should buy from you?

If that is something your business needs, the UBT Marketing Strategy team has more than 10 years of experience working with B2B businesses like yours, to grow enterprise value and reach your growth potential.

Our Services

Customer Research

Understand customer needs, crystallise marketing messaging, position your business for maximum effectiveness, and identify the best communication channels to market.

Marketing Strategy

Deliver customer value through marketing. Set up and equip your internal team with the strategy, planning and tools needed to grow your business.

Digital Strategy

Map your journey to digital success, including channel recommendations, content strategy and implementation support.

Branding Strategy

Build positive brand values, raise awareness, and develop sustainable brand relationships.

Customer Research

Interested in learning more about your customers so you can effectively market your products and services?

UBT Marketing Strategy can help you improve your competitive market position by investigating how your customers research, evaluate and choose alternative suppliers and brands. In addition, learn how you can expand your customer base with an effective value proposition, formulated for business growth.

Market Segmentation

Without clear and well-defined winnable target markets/segments, many B2B businesses waste valuable marketing spend on communicating their message to the wrong prospects. Customer research, coupled with in-depth market analysis will identify your winnable market, so you can customise your messages to grow your prospect pipeline, to increase sales revenue to reach your growth targets.

New product and concept testing and development

Discovered a new product opportunity? We can assist you in developing and testing concepts for new products, services and communications. Our consultants measure the likelihood of commercial success for new products and services, giving you confidence you need to make a decision.


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Market Research Case Study Video

Storemasta's senior management wanted to invest in marketing for revenue growth, but needed confidence money was being invested in the right tactics. Through the research process, UBT Marketing Strategy identified Storemasta’s ideal customer and developed an evidence-based market strategy, giving them alignment and confidence.

Marketing Strategy

Do you have access to a wealth of marketing tools and tactics, but uncertain of the results and how they add value to your business?

With so many new and effective marketing tools and tactics for B2B businesses, it is critical to develop a strategic marketing plan, customised to your business, market and key customers, to ensure effective investment of your marketing dollar, to create high ROI and increased sales revenue.

Direct your strategy

With detailed, evidence-based research and recommendations, your decisions will be guided by the fact-base to highlight the most profitable channels to market and marketing communication. Avoid surprises, source and take advantage of new opportunities, and counteract threats to ensure your strategies exceed customer expectations.

Capture more leads

As you know, not all your prospects will respond to the same communication or marketing message. Effective market segmentation and a tailored channel strategy dedicated to each target market will grow the volume of new leads, providing you with more conversion opportunities and sales growth.

Improve response rates

Identify the most suitable marketing tactics for your audience, understand where potential buyers look for information, how they want to receive it, and increase marketing ROI. Our reports can prepare your internal marketing department with insights and analysis to implement winning campaigns


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"We got massive value out of market research for our business, I would highly recommend it as being very foundational work. All in all, it should mean we will spend our money more wisely leading to it being an Investment. It also led really well into our Strategy workshop with UBT."

Gem Hart – HG Group.

Market Research Testimonial

Woodpecker Flooring partnered with UBT Research to boost their pull marketing strategy and create end-user demand. Watch the video below to hear about the process, our commitment to excellent service and the partnership we form with community businesses.

Digital Strategy

Most businesses understand the value of digital strategy and have trialed different approaches including website, SEO, SEM, social media and PPC. However, many struggle to integrate all channels into a structured and well-coordinated sales and marketing strategy. At UBT Marketing Strategy, we help you develop an integrated digital strategy designed to exceed objectives and your business targets.

Digital analysis

We analyse your digital ecosystem, evaluate competitor performance, and interview customers to develop buyer personas. With this research, we are able to provide you with an evidence-based digital strategy, with key action items, timelines and dependencies to ensure increased conversions and marketing performance.

Strategic recommendations

Our strategic recommendations are founded on solid research, not new fads and trends. Accredited digital marketing professionals help you make the most of SEO, digital copy, PPC campaigns, social media marketing, and other digital applications.

Tactics for growth

Search engines favour websites that have fresh, relevant customer information and offer a simple yet effective user experience. Search rankings, determined by the algorithm are increasingly important ensuring your website is found on the relevant keywords.


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Rapid Spray Market Research Case Study Video

Branding Strategy

How can you ensure that your prospective customers choose you, over all of the other options available in a competitive market? Establishing your unique brand and supporting it with an effective, genuine and defensible value proposition is one of the most powerful ways to ensure your brand is known and chosen by your key target audiences.

Grow market awareness and brand recognition

Improve market and brand awareness with targeted and meaningful messages to your audience, to ensure that your brand is top of mind when they are in the purchase cycle. Create a brand that your customers will preference by demonstrating value and 'what's in it for them'.

Create a competitive point of difference

Can you confidently, and clearly answer the following question, without using words such as quality, service and people?: What we do better, and differently from our competitors, that adds value and for which our customers are willing to pay a premium?


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